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T with her daughter and husband celebrating their Anniversary with a Mad Hatter Party.
About T Norris Art
Tee Norris is a resident artist of Kailua, Hawaii. She is inspired by the land, light, water, and creatures she encounters where ever she goes. With every new painting, she strives to capture the emotion of being in that particular time and place. She invites the viewer to join her in exploring the beauty of the Islands whether by board, kite, canoe or sail.

Tee is a vivacious artist who tackles her paintings the way she tackles all challenges life throws her way; with determination, passion and a smile! Tee also feels particularly connected to animals, and strives to reflect their individual personality in her paintings. "Humans have an incredibly strong bond with their pets and it is important to recognize that each animal is an individual and has a unique personality. That is what I look for and paint so that you have a lasting memory of their love and adoration."  

Tee Norris was born in Oregon, USA, and lives in Kailua with her husband and daughter. They have travelled all over the world and have experienced many lands and cultures but Kailua is where she calls home.
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Mad Hatter Party T Norris Art
T Norris. A Survivor
A Warrior!
As a breast cancer survivor, T has a new outlook on life and a passion for making the most of every day.
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 ..."When starting this painting I began by brushing in the form of the figures in a wash of sepia like a rough cartoon.  The form tells a lot about the character of the elephants; the sassy swish of a tail, the shift of the hip, or the flap of an ear.  The light and shadows play over every inch of canvas, telling a story about the moment I am trying to capture.  At times I feel they are going to walk right off the canvas and I have to be quick to fill in the details.  I follow the curves of the rounded sides with yellow sun, hop through the tall green grass, add a dapple of shade, and coat the legs with mud fresh from the banks of the water."...
                                                                                                                                                                                    ~ T Norris
Elephants painting by T Norris Art